Go to top menu "My Shop" > Shippings button > New button.

shipping method create

Select "Flexible manual shipping" method if you do not have any shipper API. Example: EMS shipping rate from 0-1kg

shipping method manual 1

Click "Add restriction" button. For this example we set weight based shipping method > weight restriction, then click "+ Add restriction"

shipping method manual 2

Min. weight 0 and max 1 kg for this example, mean for order items weight 0-1kg the rate is USD10.00

You can add additional restriction, ie:

zone > limit only selected zone for this shipping method

currency > limit only selected currency

wharehouse > not use at the moment

price > limit total amount

quanitity > limit quantity 

volume > limit the package size

postcode > limit postcode

access level > this should leave to defaul, mean show this shipping method to all buyer

shipping method manual 3

Zone restriction > limit buyer only those selected country can see this shipping method.

add shipping restriction currency

Currency restriction > select order's currency for this shipping rate, you can select all by click "ctrl+a".  Example: this shipping rate will show/available for order with currency USD only if select restrict USD, while select all mean available for all currency, we suggest select ALL.

shipping method manual 4

Example for 2nd rate : 1-2kg EMS, note the weight we set from 1.01kg ~ 2kg so that is not overlap the 1kg that we create previously (above), you can create multiple shipping rate to cover all possible weight in 1 order. We recommend you create at least up to 100kg rate:

0~0.1kg (for free shipping)











shipping method manual 5

 You can use this weight based shipping method for all shipper, example: fedex 0-1kg, fedex 1-3kg. DHL 0-1kg, DHL 1-10kg ... just set the correct rate and weight with different title.